Climbing park challenges

Took my sons to a climbing park today. The park contains a number of trails/slopes that are set up in the forest. The slopes are placed in trees, and the posts consists of zip-lines and other exciting obstacles on different heights above the ground. The trails are graded with colors like in a ski slope. From the easiest ones from orange, on to light green, dark green, blue, to red and black which are the most difficult ones. Both my kids where quite excited and the day was an absolute success. The youngest (Y) one with slight more interest for height and speed, and the oldest (O) one enjoying the slopes a little bit closer to the ground (understandable if you ask me 🙂 )

2018-06-30 15.04.34

Easy decisions in good weather

Surprisingly the weather outside was great this day. I should really start to look at the weather report, but I usually think it is better to be positively surprised. Today we really were, and it was quickly decided that we should spend the day outdoors. After a small discussion on what to do of the day, we decided that we would go for the climbing park.. It’s rather new, and we wanted to try it out. It’s not exactly normal for my kids to agree upon something, but today everything went smooth 🙂


2018-06-30 15.06.08 HDR.jpg
Go for the zip-line or not?

Sharing dad’s attention

Not easy to follow-up on both of them when one wants to go for the dark green slopes and the other wants to go for the orange. Y is always asking for attention, and it is fun to see all of his energy being used for something that is both exiting and learnful, but it sort of pulls my attention away from his older brother. I want to see them both succeed, but Y can really put on a high tune to get my attention. I guess O is used to this, but it hurts my daddy heart when I know that I should help O overcome some obstacles that he has to challenge during the day.

2018-06-30 15.26.17 HDR.jpg
Y high up in a tree. Secured by wires of course 🙂

During the day Y met some new friends (not the shy type), and he hung with them for a while. I used the opportunity to be with O and help him a bit. We spent about 30 minutes talking, and it was a nice talk. Good to hear his thoughts, and listen to whatever is on his mind. Smart kid 🙂

2018-06-30 14.54.03-1
O overcomes obstacles 🙂
O going for the zip-line

All in all, I think they both got their share of attention, and there were no conflicts of any kind. There usually is some, but today it all was great 🙂


A bit windy in the height so got a bit cold after a while. Bring sweaters next time. The climbing shop is expensive, but they can’t freeze. So ended up buying clothes for a hundred dollars. Totally worth it the day considered 🙂

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