Vacation expectations

So here we are again. Summer is over us and we look forward to yet another vacation with possibilities to create memories for life. Good memories that I hopefully can tell as a grandparent to my children’s children. When I think back to summers that have passed over the years involving my children, I truly have som great memories. I really do! Summers spent at grandparents, hotels, far away countries, cabins, and in the car. I wouldn’t be without them. Last year for instance, I took the kids on a low-budget ride through Norway (we live there). Low-budget because me and their mother then recently had broken up, so the money was short. I “invested” in a tent and took the kids camping and fishing. A really nice trip with swimming in the lakes, and other activities. I truly believe that my children will remember the trip in a good way, and that they will look back in some years with melancholic thoughts. I hope.

So what do I expect for this year? In my head and thoughts I look forward to summer with some differing thoughts. I hope that they will appreciate the vacation to come, and that I am able to provide the experiences and adventures they deserve. I could perhaps have taken them to Spain or something, but I know they appreciate the simple things. So maybe a repeat from last year? We’ll see.

The reason why I say differing thoughts is because I know that it will be hard – for me. I love my children, believe me. It’s not that. But I know that the youngest having ADHD will have an energy level over the roof the entire time. At least during normal week days the rest of the year, I’m at work for some part during the day, and thus get to charge the batteries. During the summer the batteries usually are empty before the first week has ended, and I start missing my work. I’ll try not to elaborate too much on the negative stuff, just imagine having a small person running around always calling for you, running away to dangerous places with you running behind. Constantly being on the alert for something to happen. Things breaking, people staring, people judging (including your near ones). When in the middle of it, it can be quite stressful. You screaming, then feeling bad for screaming, but you did have to stop him from drowning when his intentions was to jump into the cold water. You scream because the strongest muscle you have when it comes to kids is your voice.

So what can I say? I’m not sure what my summer expectations are. I’m not sure if I already start missing my work. I have thoughts and feelings inside trying telling me to run. I only hope that their experience from it are happy thoughts and memories. That they remember the summers with dad as happy times. I’ll ask them in a few years. Then I know if I succeeded.


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