Planning while waiting 1

On Sunday my kids will come to me and we will spend the next two weeks together. I’m really looking forward to that. This our vacation, and I will try to make the best of it! I’m not going to hang around at home. For that, I’m too restless. And I know the kids are to. If we were to stay at home I guess we would run through the walls after the first couple of weeks. I’ll try to avoid that, and therefore I’m going to use the next days on planning the trip while I’m waiting. Nothing fancy, but something both they and I will appreciate. First I have to cope with some obvious challenges (sorry, but to me, as a single dad, it’s stressful enough dealing with only me, so bare with me on this one 🙂 ). I wrote some words about that in a previous post, Vacation Expectations, so I guess I’ll start by analyzing the situation before throwing myself to the wolf’s, lol.

So here’s the outline:

Duration: 2 weeks

People attending: 1 terrified dad, two kids (boys)

Travel by: Car

Distance: 500km (at least)

Where: Across Norway (Trondheim – Oslo, see map)

Accommodation: Tent (see picture for details), at grandparents house, aunts small farm, and uncles place (Note to self: Notify arrival to people of interest).

Food: I’ll try to prepare something before leaving in order to lower the cost, but I guess the gas-stations from here to Oslo are happy when we go on trips. When visiting the grandparents, the food is usually impeccable, so I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

Gear: Sleeping bags, fishing equipment, warm clothes (it’s Norway..), food preparation gear (when camping), iPad, iPhone, portable power adapter, rainwear…… that’ll do for now.


The tent we bought got room for 5-6 people. Should cover it 🙂

So, who are we dealing with here?

The oldest kid (O) is 11 years old. O likes video games, not a fan of high-speed or heights, but enjoys spending time on go-karts and ATV’s (4-wheel) where he’s the driver and controls the speed. He likes being responsible (not during weekdays the rest of the year I might add) and I always feel that he grows up a bit faster during summer. Quite amazing to see actually 🙂 On the other hand, it’s crucial that he gets to experience some of his interests during the weeks, or else his behaviour can really be a mood-killer. This can sometimes be troublesome when his younger brother steals a lot of the attention, but we’ll find a way to fulfill their needs individually.

The youngest kid (Y) is 7. Y likes climbing, running, doing backflips, jumping on the trampoline and scaring his dad (I’m not sure he do it on purpose, but he gets me every time). He acts like he’s older than he is, but too bad for him, he isn’t. He is still 7, and he still has to watch his older brother drive go-kart as he is too young (I’ll find something else for him so that he doesn’t need to stand on the sideline of course). Y is always (almost) in a good mood, he has the energy of a racehorse, and the speed as well. Therefore it can be hard for us adults with a little less energy stored inside to follow him. His zest for life and positive being can sometimes be too much. Therefore he can really act out when I no longer can follow. If I prepare mentally, I’ll cope

The terrified dad, soon to be 38 years old. I enjoy the quiet moments where my mind can travel through different thoughts on life and how it’s all connected. The sound of good music in the background during these thought-getaways is of course not despised. When not in the quiet mood, I truly enjoy adventures either by the water (e.g. fishing), hiking in the mountains, or being with my kids watching them have fun, or have fun together. Either way, it’s ok. I’m truly set for a 14 days adventure, and I will do my best coping when things get tough. It’s for the kids 🙂

So, what to do?

There’s a lot of possibilities on the way to Oslo. Theme parks, like Hunderfossen, or Lilleputthammer, or maybe just outside Oslo, Tusenfryd. They are all quite expensive, so we’ll chose only one if  applicable. But I know they are all a treat, and worth it (for the kids of course 🙂 …. and a bit for me I’ll admit, lol).

For the less expensive choices, I’ll travel the internet for the next days and look for possible camping sites. Maybe then we can enjoy the simpler things in life. I’m actually getting more and more positive as I sit here, so I can’t wait 🙂 I’ll end the post here, and start the search. So I’ll use the next couple of days to decide, and write my final plan when it’s ready, and hopefully it’s a success 🙂

If you have any suggestions please comment 🙂

Until next time 🙂

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